T-BuZZ, formerly known as RedMan, graduated from high school in Buffalo, NY in 1976. I attended Penn State but did not graduate, too many extra- curricular activities! Worked construction for a couple years in Texas, Colorado, and Penna. Then enlisted in the Navy in Los Angeles at age 23 to get some sea-going experience. Made a couple WesPacs and pineapple cruises on frigates out of San Diego then transferred to the USS Suribachi (AE-21) in Earle, NJ. Made a couple of Med runs and a northern run then transferred to state pier NLON USS Fulton for shore duty. I ran the YD floater crane and worked on boats from Squadron 10-Pargo, Whale, Tinosa, Trepang, Greenling, Gato. Got out of the Navy as a BM1 in November 1990 (I made E-5 twice!) then started three months later as a crane rigger at the subase in Groton. And I am still there but I clawed my way up to waterfront crane/rigging boss. Got my first bike at age 7 in 1965, a Honda QA fart (50). In southern Cal , I had a Kawasaki LTD 1100 (great bike!) and I rode it across the country from San Diego to Buffalo in 1986. Now I ride a 2003 Harley Super Glide and a 2015 Triumph Rocket III . I ride everywhere year round. Married for 23 years but it ended 2 years ago and I have a son and a daughter. My daughter is a freshman at Penn State and earned a ROTC scholarship to the Air Force. My favorite hobby is drinking beer! I am a member of the Patriot Guard and I attend numerous veterans events . Riding hard ; living free!!