Husker spent his first 16 years farming & raising livestock on a family farm in southeastern South Dakota until successive years of drought and bad luck drove the family out of farming. He’s spent his next three years working as a farmhand and finishing high school across the border in Nebraska where he bought his first motorcycle, a 90cc Bridgestone which he hid in a cousin’s garage because his Mom hated motorcycles. Husker joined the Navy after graduation in 1973. I guess he wanted to get as far away from farming as he could and the bottom of the ocean was his answer. He spent 23 years in the US Navy Submarine Service and retired a Senior Chief, then three years as Underwater Combat Systems Engineer for a DOD Contractor, and finally traded in his experience with cruise missiles and torpedoes to carry a Glock. At 44 he became one of the oldest graduates of the Connecticut Police Academy and spent the next 16 1/2 years as a Public Safety Officer. In 2015 he hung up his gun belt & handcuffs and started doing some serious riding. Those who have spent time following his tail light knows he has affinity for finding the only gravel or dirt road in the county no matter where they seem to be riding. Last year he finally retired his 1998 Road King classic at 154,000 miles. “The King” has been to Sturgis twice, Newfoundland twice, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia four times, Key West twice... hell its been in every state in New England & almost every state east of the Mississippi these past 20 years and some of them several times. On weekends in New London County, you’ll probably still see him riding his beloved “King” on twisty New England roads, or at Military or Public Safety Officer or Veterans benefits, and other charity events but his new long-haul ride is pictured above. The cheap bastored finally sprung for 2018 Heritage Softail. “Just Ride”