Transplanted from New Orleans in 1987, after a stint in the Navy, GooRoo made a career of public service and safety as a Paramedic and EMS instructor, working throughout the eastern half of Connecticut. For the better part of twenty-five years he honed specialized skills in technical rope rescue and tactical medical operations. With specialized skills and a rotational work schedule, GooRoo found himself in high demand as the member of a fugitive recovery team member, leading him to eventually hang up his stethoscope altogether. GooRoo then became a contract instructor for the Center For Security Forces (CENSECFOR), out of Chesapeake, VA, teaching self-defense, marksmanship, and tactical team operations to U.S. Navy personnel from around the globe. GooRoo continues to remain active in the fugitive recovery game, continuing to hunt and apprehend, as well as developing curricula and teaching folks who are looking to become licensed to do such work in Connecticut. When time allows, he enjoys all manner of outdoor recreation and any time he can muster to saddle up for rides with his FRUSA brothers and sisters.​