Cool Slice - Is an Air Force Veteran that served when planes still had cloth wings. The cunning old bastard invented fire, then became a fireman. He served about 100 years on the Norwich Connecticut Fire Department then tried to retire at 50 years old, got bored and became a Connecticut State Marshal. Sometime during that period he bought a vacation home in Florida and used to fly his own plane there and back. When he retired from the marshals he moved to Florida full-time. We have stopped often to crash at his pad on a ride to Key West or some place along the Gulf Coast, drink all of his Jamison gone, then leave. The love of his life (besides Miss Marcy of course) is a pretty custom painted 97 Road King. His long haul ride is a red 2010 Road King. As an elder in the club, he’s still got an immaturity problem and often has to be reigned in. LOL You name it, the old bastard has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt! But… I guess he ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer because he asked us to write his club bio for him. He deserves what he gets…Just Ride